TU Sports Center is a fully equipped sports center, which will accommodate all of your sports and exercise needs for the students and the staff of Thammasat University and also the public. To fulfill all of your needs, here at TU Sports Center we have 4 Gymnasiums (Gymnasiums 4-7), a fully equipped swimming pool, a fully equipped tennis court, a mini stadium (Asian Games Dormitory Stadium) and the ThammasatRangsit Football Stadium. Also at Gymnasium 7 located near the office of TU Sports Center, we have TU@Fit, a sports and exercise consulting center with state-of-the-art exercise equipment that will answer all of your questions sports-and-exercise-wise by our specialists which will guide you through our sports center and introduce you to new exercises.

Here at TU Sports Center, we not only provide the up-to-standard stadiums for all sports activities but also we have initiated "TU Sports Climbing" for all of the extreme sports lovers looking for new challenges which is consisted of the highest simulated cliff in Thailand.

Thammasat Stadium

main stadiumThe Asian-Games-standard outdoor stadium is a perfect stadium for any athletic competitions with comfortable walk paths, spacious parking areas, world-standard lighting units and fully equipped facilities. It is also comprised with 9 running tracks and a stadium-style seats that could accommodate up to 25,000 audiences. With these world-standard facilities, any match, big or small, will be memorable and remarkable for everyone.


Mini Stadium

Mini stadiumThe state-of-the-art, 1,500-seat outdoor stadium with 8 running tracks is waiting for all of the athletic lovers with comfortable facilities. Whether you are dropping by after class, after work or having a sports competition, the Mini Stadium is more than happy to fulfill your needs.



Gymnasium 4

11A 2000-square meter, air-conditioned gymnasium awaits all badminton lovers with 10 badminton fields, stadium seats which could accommodate up to 3,000 people and luminous lighting equipment that is TV-broadcasting standard. If you love badminton, then this is a place for you.

Opening Time: Mon-Fri 12.00-21.00, Sat-Sun 10.00-21.00


Gymnasium 5

gym5This 2000-square meter, multipurpose gymnasium is basically the home of all indoor sports. The Gymnasium 5 also consists of 2 volleyball fields and 10 table tennis tables with stadium seats, which could accommodate up to 3,000 people and luminous, TV-broadcasting standard lighting equipment.


Gymnasium 6

16A middle-sized, 1,400-square meter gymnasium is not only perfect for futsal but also for other track and field sports. Also at this stadium are with stadium seats, which could accommodate up to 4,000 people and luminous, TV-broadcasting standard lighting equipment.


Gymnasium 7 is for you

18A 2,200 – square meter gymnasium is for all basketball and volleyball lovers accommodated with stadium seats and luminous lighting equipment. Also, this stadium could hold other sports simultaneously, such as Badminton, Table Tennis and Indoor Soccer

Opening Time: Mon-Fri 12.00-21.00, Sat-Sun 10.00-21.00


Fit3A modern fitness with full equipped machines is located under the aquarium. The fitness is not only perfect for weight training but also cardio.

Opening time: Everyday 07.00-21.00



TU SPORTS Tennis Court

7A standard tennis court is perfect for both amateur and professional players. There are 9 hard courts for playing and knock board for practice. The stadium at the center court could accommodate up to 500 people.

Opening time: Mon-Fri 12.00-21.00, Sat-Sun 10.00-21.00


Aquatic Sport Center

8Aquatic Sport Center comprises 3 indoor swimming pool, with the seating capacity for 4,600
1. Size 25x50 m. 2-meter depth, 10 swimming lanes,
2. Size 25x50 m. 2-meter depth, 10 swimming lanes for practicing and water polo and Synchronized swimming
3. Diving pool, size 25x30 m. 5-meter depth, for diving competition, with the seating

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